Vision & values

The vision for Te Huarahi Tika Trust is to maximise our contribution to the survival of Maori as a people through telecommunications and ICT activities.


Te Huarahi Tika established Hautaki Limited, the trustee of the Te Huarahi Tika Trust’s commercial arm, Hautaki Trust.  The commercial objectives of the Hautaki Trust are to meet and fund the purposes of the Te Huarahi Tika Trust.

The Trust seeks to increase the participation of Maori in the knowledge economy, in particular, the information and telecommunications sectors in New Zealand.  The trust deed identifies a range of tikanga to assist in this objective including:

  • promotion of education and training programmes that support Maori particularly in the fields of information and telecommunications technology;
  • funding skills development in the information, telecommunications and technology sectors
  • fostering and promoting research and development into information and telecommunications technology
  • establishing scholarships and making grants to Maori communities to give access telecommunications technology, particularly where those communities may be remote or economically disadvantaged
  • promoting and facilitating access to business mentors, conferences, presentations and other learning experiences.

To date, the majority of Te Huarahi Tika’s activities have been constrained as a significant portion of its funds have been loaned to Hautaki to establish the mobile network.

Survival of Maori as a people

The physical survival of Maori was threatened following the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840.  By the mid 1890s, the Maori population had fallen to 42,000 from the estimated 90,000 in 1840.  Disappearance was predicted however, the reverse occurred.  The Maori population had multiplied fifteen times to 600,000 as we entered the 21st century.  Physical survival is now assured.  However, survival as a People is not.

Maori as a people will be surviving when a large and growing number are living according to the kaupapa tuku iho (inherited values) and tikanga (actions) that distinguish Maori from all others in the global community.  These kaupapa and tikanga refined over centuries by consecutive generations of tipuna Maori have helped to shape the unique Maori worldview.  This is what it is to be Maori, Maori commit to initiatives that preserve this worldview and encourage their chances of survival as a people.

In 1835, they declared to the World their independence; five years later they built on this with Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  In 1858 the Kingitanga was established, 1868 Maori took up representation in Parliament.  In the last 150 years we have seen the emergence of Maori this and Maori that in the form of socio-political bodies, Maori religious bodies, Maori educational institutions, Maori sports bodies across many codes, Maori regional and national cultural festivals, Maori broadcasting  organisations and so on.

Te Huarahi Tika Trust and similar ropu Maori are further examples of Maori determination to incorporate their worldview into their pursuits and thereby maximise their contribution to the survival of Maori as a people.

Contributions to Maori Wellbeing

This past year we have spent some time thinking about how we pay attention to ‘…the works of tipuna Maori’ in our activities.  We felt it important that the values of our tipuna were prominent in our thinking and as such, have developed a new framework of kaupapa tuku iho (inherited values) and tikanga within which the original values of the Trust have been embodied.

The obligation to produce Maori outcomes for all Maori who are our beneficiaries, requires understanding of the distinctiveness as Maori, a people unique and distinctive from all others.  The worldview of a people is defined by the values, beliefs and practices developed over generations.  Kaupapa tuku iho (inherited values) developed by tipuna Maori over many generations have contributed to form the Maori worldview.  These kaupapa to continue to shape Maori thinking today with tikanga (policies and practices) constantly being developed and refined to give expression to these kaupapa.

Maori wellbeing can be defined as being the abundant expression of kaupapa tuku iho.  In order to make its own contribution to Maori wellbeing the Te Huarahi Tika Trustees have adopted a set of ten kaupapa tuku iho that will influence all activities of the Trust.  A framework has been developed to assist in planning and implementation.

Kaupapa and tikanga framework

Kaupapa tuku iho within the context of the activities of Te Huarahi Tika Tikanga designed to ensure Te Huarahi Tika gives expression to the kaupapa tuku iho

Te Huarahi Tika engages meaningfully with both Te Ao Maori and industry and values the contributions of all.

  • Te Huarahi Tika advocates for Maori participation in ICT
  • Promoting education and ICT opportunities to Maori


The mana of Te Huarahi Tika is maintained with tikanga designed to demonstrate capable stewardship in exercising our responsibilities

  • Develop an investment strategy that strengthens Te Huarahi Tika’s asset base and facilitates the active participation of Maori in the ICT sector as owners and investors.
  • Investments are made that maximise the expression of kaupapa subject to financial constraints
Te Reo

Te Huarahi Tika supports the assumption of Maori spectrum management rights that provide various platforms for the transmission of te reo in its many forms.

  •  Supporting Maori broadcasters and broadcasting
  • Encouraging the learning and enhancement of te reo Maori
  • Promoting the development and release of new technologies to facilitate the use of Te Reo

Te Huarahi Tika exercises its mandate to advocate for and on behalf of Maori interests in the use, management and in its relationship with kawanatanga, with the wider ICT community and with the nation.

  • Developing opportunities for Maori to develop capacity in ICT
  •  Working with kawanatanga to develop outcomes for Maori



Through the expression of kaupapa, Te Huarahi Tika contributes to the wellbeing and connectedness of Maori communities.

Contributing to the wellbeing of whānau, hapū and iwi by creating opportunities for increased connectivity and communication with themselves and others


Te Huarahi Tika creates initiatives that support Maori in ICT with business, employment, training and financial resources.

  • Expressing aroha, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect to others
  • Sharing resources with Māori ICT interests
  • Provision of funding and grants for the ICT sector

Te Huarahi Tika plans and completes initiatives that contribute to achieving our goals for Maori engagement and participation in ICT.

  • Supporting those who currently deliver outcomes for Maori in line with our stated purposes, by ensuring we are approachable and in touch with the issues of Maori participation

Te Huarahi Tika recognises and promotes the interconnectedness of its beneficiaries, trustees, and others that it engages with.

  • Strengthen our relationships with our affiliate groups including the electoral college, Hautaki Trust, and 2 Degrees Mobile

Te Huarahi Tika develops and implements models of governance, management and investment based on kaupapa Maori models.

  • Facilitating knowledge pathways for our people by ensuring we have representation, skills and energy to bring Māori closer to these technologies
  • Promoting educational and training programmes for Māori in ICT
  • Foster and promote research and development into ICT


Te Huarahi Tika has strong relationships with their investment partners and other stakeholder groups.

  • Developing closer relations with Hautaki and supporting their efforts to develop new investment partnerships
  • Strengthening our relationships with existing investment partners Tuaropaki Satellite and Moana Wairarapa.


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